HP Deskjet D2530 Printer - Maintain print cartridges

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Maintain print cartridges

Follow these guidelines to maintain and store HP print cartridges and to ensure consistent
print quality.

Chapter 9





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When you remove a print cartridge from the printer, store it in an airtight plastic
container to protect your print cartridge and to prevent the ink from drying out.

Keep all unused print cartridges in their original sealed packages until they are
needed. Store print cartridges at room temperature (15° to 35° C or 59° to 95° F).

Do not remove the plastic tape covering the ink nozzles until you are ready to install
the print cartridge in the printer. If the plastic tape has been removed from the print
cartridge, do not attempt to reattach it. Reattaching the tape damages the print


Always turn the printer off with the Power button before you unplug the

power cord or turn off a power strip. This allows the printer to store the print cartridges
properly. When you store the printer, always leave the active print cartridges inside
the printer.